Antonella shows the causes of the separation from Dybala

Argentinean beauty, former fiancé of Paulo Dybalta, Antonella Cavalieri has told the Italian media, the reasons that led to the conclusion of her relationship with Juventus Argentine striker.

Invited to the “Domenica Live” show at Channel 5, Antonella shows how she was acquainted with the number 10 of the Juventus, during the relationship and the causes that led to the end of the couple’s coexistence.

“We met when we were 18, I was a student and he was not so famous. Through news I watched every day from news like Dybala came out with other women and he constantly asked me to get used to these rumors. I have never seen myself with other girls, my dear friends. I did not leave him, but it was a decision we took together, in March this year. I have not regret at all, for I am happy and I continue my life. I’m sorry that Paulo did not dedicate any of his goals, though he often scored.”-said the Argentinean beauty.

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