Arnold: Messi better than Ronaldo, Klopp is outstanding

Trent Alexander Arnold has given a long interview to GQ magazine where he has spoken on various topics.

Liverpool, Barcelona, Jurgen Klopp, Messi, Ronaldo etc are among the many topics that Arnold has touched.

Playing at Liverpool all your life? “I can imagine that.”

Do you want to play in Spain or Germany? “It’s not something I thought about, because I’ve always loved Liverpool,” he said. I’m a Liverpool player and I love this club wholeheartedly.

Messi or Cristiano ?: “To me, Messi.”

Favorite team as a fan? “As a kid I used to be a Celtic fan, but now because of Gerrard being in Ranger, I’m neutral. My other favorite team is Barcelona, they have the same values as Liverpool ”.

Klopp? “He’s outstanding in all respects, as a person, as a coach … just fantastic.”

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