Barcelona and Inter, 8 million euros "away" for Vidal

Inter and Antonio Conte do not give up trying to bring Chilean Arturo Vidal back to Milan in January. The 32-year-old midfielder is the name required to bolster the midfielder and attack the Italian champions with an all-time winning streak of eight seasons from just one team, Juventus.

Certainly Barcelona will not easily give up on a player who, regardless of age, keeps the balance of play whenever Valverde needs him. Conte has been wanting the player since early January but the difference between supply and demand is full 8 million euros. Inter bosses are ready to spend 12 million, but the Blaugrana does not want to leave without 20 million euros. Arturo Vidal’s manager, Felicevich, the same one who made the transfer of Alexis Sanchez to Milan, is working to bring the parties closer.

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