Calabria: Milan has no plans to win titles

Davide Calabria has admitted that the team has been renewed while continuing to work with coach Stefano Pioli. “There really is no project to win anything in Milan for several years”.

The 23-year-old, Calabria has spent his entire career so far with the Reds. Growing up in the academy and becoming a regular. Especially after Andrea Conti remains injured.

His form has recently improved under the direction of Stefano Pioli. And Calabria believes there is a good reason for their good performances recently.

“We know now and we feel like a great team. “We will give 100 percent of ourselves. So we are in good mental and physical shape.” said DAZN.

“In recent years, there really was no project to win titles. We are now happy to have started the new season well after a time we did not.”

Director Paolo Maldini now has a more central role in organizing the team to further ensure the creation of a Milan identity.

“Like Sandro Tonali, where I also wrote a letter as a child asking him to play for Milan. My version was that one day I would play in the final of the Champions League. For example Milan against Chelsea.”

It has recently been said that Calabria was until recently on the transfer list.

“The past remains the past. I am not interested in what has been said and I want to focus on the present. I was told to stay behind and defend more as a defender than as a winger. But now I have been given more freedom to move forward and I feel full of motivation as well.”

No team has improved after the pandemic more than Milan and Calabria has an intriguing theory as to why they play better without the public.

“Considering that there are many young people in the team, maybe the lack of audience helps us. We can speak better on the pitch and be better organized.”

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