Ceferin: Fans will be back in stadiums soon

UEFA President Alexander Ceferin believes fans will have the opportunity to return to the stadiums soon to support their favorite teams. Despite the chaos in which the world of football has entered.

The races of national clubs and teams have been suspended almost everywhere in the world since mid-March due to the crisis.

Among the suspended competitions is the European Championship. Which was postponed from this summer to the summer of 2021.

Meanwhile, the Bundesliga resumed over the weekend and many other major European leagues are preparing for the resumption of matches. Which will nevertheless take place behind closed doors.

But the UEFA president has warned that this could change soon.

“I am absolutely sure, personally, that good and old football, with fans in the stadium, will return very soon.” said Ceferin.

“Football did not change after World War II, or after World War I, and it will not change now either.”

Asked if he would bet $ 1 million for the European Championships would be played next summer, Ceferin said: “Yes, I would bet on it. I don’t understand why it may not develop. I don’t think the virus will last forever. ”

“I think the situation will change faster than many people think. I don’t like this apocalyptic perspective. That we will have to wait for the second or third wave, or even the fifth. “

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