The Championship is vital for the finances of Inter, Rome and Milan!

For many years, Europe’s prestigious European Champions of Champions make the difference between what is considered as the aristocracy of football and the rest of the proletariat. However, in these two camps there are team teams that make the difference between each other. Not only because the premium-weighted quotes are distributed to clubs’ clubs according to their classification and historical rating but because the championship as it may result in emotional excitement can be both a lifeboat for club finances or even a good boost in efforts to increase the dimensions of a team.

Last season Inter’s bills, for example in the total of wins plus, had reached the 300 million euro quota. 50 million are meanwhile this year’s revenue from the UEFA prize to a second season in the Champions League will propel Inter’s riders to draft an ambitious growth project and correct attitude to financial fair play.

Like Milan is projecting to return to the Champions to meet the expectations Elliot has set and the reds of Rome whose financial tension without participating in the Champions League would bring the sacrifice of any valuable organ player. Of course, the greatest financial impact in proportion to the team’s level would have Atalanta with the current income of only 80 million euros in total. Meanwhile, about € 30 million of Champions’ premiums would be enthusiastically welcomed, which is in fact for all the clubs that have the chance to bet on the elite Cup.

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