Copybet is a tipster website designed to make online trading more accessible. This is made with the option to copy the trades of other traders. Signing up to Copybet is free. The first step after creating an account is to follow the instructions to link it with your Betfair Exchange account.

The company hosts hundreds of tipsters whose betting history and results are there for others to see. CopyBet is built on this concept and adds to it by not only allowing you to choose which tipsters you want to follow. Also by automatically copying their bets via Betfair Exchange integration.

They have been a major success with more than 6 million users now on their site and are hoping to replicate that success.

You do need to have a Betfair account to use CopyBet as it will not work with any other exchange or bookmaker.

The brand offers Sports Betting, Premier League, Champions League and World Cup, Football Odds, Horse Racing Prices, Grand Slam Tennis Betting, Casino, Poker, Games, Vegas, Bingo.

You also require to have money to bet with deposits into your Betfair account. There is no practice mode and all bets operate with real cash.

The platform is also available on iOS and Android devices and has a great performance.

How does CopyBet work?

Once your Betfair trading account is linked, the next step is to select whose bets you want to copy. The easiest way to do this is to go to the “Ratings” screen. Users are then able to browse the list of tipsters on CopyBet and literally ‘copy’ their bets automatically. Once you find a tipster you would like to copy the bets of, simply click on the ‘Start Copying’ button.

As your Betfair Exchange account is hooked up to Copybet (as are the tipsters accounts) when a tipster which you choose to follow places a bet through their own Betfair Exchange account, the same bet automatically places through yours.

Although the currency is shown in dollars here, it converts to what your Betfair account uses for your copied bets.

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