Coutinho must fight to stay in Barcelona

Rivaldo does not want Coutinho to leave Barcelona eventually.

It did not fit into Ernesto Valverde’s schemes even though he was bought for €160 million with all the bonuses. And for this reason, last summer, he was loaned to Bayern Munich, which has the right to buy him for €120 million. Either way, Barcelona and Brazil legend Rivaldo hopes Coutinho will fight and stay at the club at Camp Nou.

“It looks like Bayern Munich will not pay Philippe purchase clause at the end of the season. And the player will return to Barcelona,” Rivaldo said.

“I thought Coutinho could adapt more easily to Spain than Germany. Unfortunately, he has not fared well in the other League and will return to Barcelona. It will depend on the club and the coach whether he will be given another chance or not.

“If the chance comes, Coutinho really needs to stand up and show what a player he is. As he did in England with Liverpool and as he does in Brazil, where he continues to be an important player.”

“I believe in him, it all depends on the mentality of the player. He has to show that others are wrong about him and that he can still make a difference for every club.

“Playing for Barcelona which is a unique opportunity for every player. Maybe Coutinho’s experience in the Bundesliga has made him wake up and see that Barca may be right for him.”

Coutinho has made 76 appearances for Barcelona, ​​scoring 21 goals.

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