Dybala girlfriend confesses about coronavirus

A few days ago, Paulo Dybala and his fiancée Oriana Sabatini tested positive for Covid-19.

Both, Dybala and his girlfriend are already in isolation, which will continue for days. Meanwhile, the quarantine for some other Juventus players has come to an end.

The black and white number 10 confirmed it all through his Instagram profile with a simple post that said, “We’re fine.”

Dybala’s partner spoke to Argentinean radio station La 100 explaining the situation and telling how the early days were: “It’s like you get the flu, your body hurts, you’re tired. I haven’t had a fever. I’ve always measured the temperature. I felt my lungs make a strange noise. Then Paulo started to feel bad, too. ”

Another “buffer” is expected within the next few days for Paulo and his partner to reconfirm the situation: “We are in isolation for nine days. We are better now. Two or three days ago I was feeling bad. The doctors told us that on March 31 they will have our next test. In the meantime, we were advised to rest and were given some vitamins. “

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