FIFA report, the weight of intermediaries increased in 2019

The weight of intermediaries in international transfers has increased in 2019.

This is written in the report carried out by FIFA, 4th edition, “Intermediaries in international transfers 2019 – Men and women professional football”, which makes a detailed analysis of the mediation activity in the context of international football transfers.

A transfer involves three parties who may require the assistance of a broker: the buying club, the selling club and the player involved in the deal. According to the report, in 2019 there were 17,896 international footballer transfers, with 3,558 (19.9%) cases involving at least one agent.

The number of buying clubs using a broker remains constant. For both 2018 and 2019, this figure has increased by 7.3% (from 1,207 to 1,307).

In terms of the percentage of transfers in which the acquiring club uses brokerage, Italy ranks first. In 40.5% of transfers (151 operations), the club that bought a player was represented by a broker.

During 2019, the clubs spent a total of $ 653.9 million on commissions, with an increase of 19.24% – 65% of the expenses come from the buying club and 35% from the club that sold the player. The figure has increased by 171% compared to 2014 and includes mainly the major European leagues.

In this regard, Italy ranks first, spending a total of $ 130.5 million in 2019. England is second ($ 103.6 million) and Germany third (84.6 million). Suffice it to think that only UEFA clubs spent $ 625.9 million in total or 95.7%.

This year has also increased the percentage and number of players assisted by a broker in a transfer, from 145% in 2018 to 14.8% in 2019, for a total of 2,657 players represented.

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