The good news for Barcelona, Suarez is going to return sooner than expected

Uruguayan center-back Luis Suarez has given Barcelona good news as he is recovering from his injury sooner than originally thought.

Luis Suarez is currently suffering from a right knee injury, which caused him to undergo surgery.

The injury, which he suffered during a 3-2 defeat at the Spanish Super Cup semi-final against Atletico Madrid, was in the same spot as the injury that prevented him from playing in the King’s Cup final against Valencia last season.

Before being injured, Suarez had played in 23 games and contributed 14 goals for the Catalan club.

After the surgery, Suarez was expected to return this season, but Goal has learned that his recovery process is going faster than previously thought, having already removed the plaster from his leg.

The striker believes he can return in time for the Champions League semifinals, which will take place at the end of April if Barcelona reach that stage.

If Suarez returns to that period, then he could help Barcelona in the last four games of the season in La Liga, which could be crucial in the fight against Real Madrid for the title.

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