Guardiola: I'm no longer the best coach in the world

Pep Guardiola has said that although he may once have been rated as the best coach in the world, he no longer holds the title.

The Catalonian has enjoyed success during his career as a coach winning numerous trophies at the top clubs such as Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Manchester City.

Overall, he has won eight league titles in Spain, Germany and England, and has twice won the Champions League as a Barça coach.

When told he was the best coach in the world, Guardiola replied, “I was,” before saying he had never thought of himself as the best in the world.

“What is the best coach in the world? I’ve never felt the best, never in life, ”he added.

“When I won six titles in Barcelona and the triplet, I didn’t feel the best in the world. I won because I had great players in big clubs. Give me a team that is not like Manchester city and I will not win anything, “he said.

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