The high salaries of the players are damaging Barcelona

The Spanish daily Marca writes that the main problem that Barcelona is facing now. As the crisis has brought financial damage to the club, are the high salaries of footballers.

Barcelona is the club that spends the most money in the world on the salaries of its players. The club needs to reduce these costs to afford the financial damage.

The Catalans spend 630 million euros a year on player salaries. A total of 63 percent of the club’s total budget. Which amounts to 1 billion 47 million euros a year.

Now, the Blaugrana have predicted they will earn € 200 million less, making player salaries 80 per cent of the club’s budget, not 63 per cent.

Because of these figures, Barcelona’s first team has been forced to accept a 70 percent pay cut during the crisis in Spain.

However, lowering salaries for this period of time will not be enough, as Barcelona will have to cut spending even more.

The best way to achieve this goal is to sell players who are not important to coach Quique Setien’s plans. That way, the club would not only remove the costs for their salaries. But also earn money to transfer players that Setien is interested for.

However, the high salaries of Barcelona’s players could also be an obstacle to their transfer. As other clubs have also been financially damaged and may not be able to afford their salaries.

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