Ibrahimovic vs Ronaldo, 1261 goals

Titans face last night at ‘San Siro’, facing two players who have scored 1261 goals together; 538 goals for Ibrahimovic and 723 goals for Cristiano.

Milan vs Juventus was not only a showdown between Italy’s top three clubs, but also one of the two best players in history, Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs Cristiano Ronaldo.

By January, the Serie A star, of course, was Ronaldo, but with the arrival of Ibrahimovic, attention has also shifted to the Sweden.

They have given a lot to the sport, and have a rich career with trophies and historical records.

One 38 years old, the other 35 years old, but still tracing the field, as they did last night.

They did their best for their respective teams to emerge victorious, as in addition to the rivalry between Milan and Juventus, there is now a rivalry between Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo.

Last night faced two people who together have scored 1261 goals in their career so far; 538 goals for Ibrahimovic and 723 goals for Cristiano.

The match between Milan and Juve took place at the ‘San Siro’ from 8:45 pm as part of the Italian Cup.

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