Klopp, happy with the return of the Bundesliga

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has said he is very happy that the Bundesliga matches have resumed. While insisting that the matches played behind closed doors will be fun enough for the quarantine fans.

The German elite league resumed over the weekend and Jurgen Klopp said he enjoyed the games as much as he did with fans at the stadium, but acknowledged that this could only be true for him as he described himself as a weird man.

While in an ideal world stadiums would be full of fans, Klopp wants people to start appreciating the fact that football is slowly returning, after a forced pause.

“It simply came to our notice then. In that sense, I am a strange person. When I watch football – other matches, not just ours – I watch them silently because I don’t want to hear the comment, I’m interested in watching the game.”said Klopp.

“So it’s very normal for me now to watch football like this. I like the game, I’m interested in seeing what they do and things like that. ”

“I know it’s not the same to play behind closed doors. Why should we mention it? We all like it when we are supported by people. We like it, but we can’t have it at the moment. ”

“It seems possible to play behind closed doors – in Germany it is already possible. Moreover, the matches were very good: super goals, real battles, interesting matches, clear results “.

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