Liverpool could be forced to celebrate the Premier League title in Manchester

Coach Jurgen Klopp and his team could be forced to celebrate the Premier League title in Manchester. As the club could be barred from playing in Liverpool before securing the title.

Liverpool only need two more victories to be declared English champions for the first time in 30 years. After Manchester City will face Arsenal in the first game of the league, when they resume on June 17. Klopp’s team can be declared champions after the first match.

If Manchester City lose the game against the Gunners and Klopp’s team beat Everton in the city derby. Which is expected to take place on June 20, then Liverpool would secure the title even mathematically.

However, the British newspaper The Mirror reports that the match could take place at the Etihad Stadium, as police fear that Liverpool fans would go to the streets around the stadium to celebrate the title.

The same medium writes that for this reason not only the Reds will be asked to play matches in neutral stadiums, but also the teams that play in big English derbies.

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