Liverpool won the trial against New Balance, ready for a new deal with Nike

Liverpool have won their lawsuit against jerseys partner New Balance and are expected to sign a deal with Nike next season.

The English club has been indicted for alleged refusal to comply with the terms of the reported 40 million £ a year deal with New Balance, which expires in May 2020.

Under the terms of the agreement, New Balance was entitled to renew their sponsorship if it complied with the terms of any competitor’s bid to sponsor Liverpool jerseys.

But European champions, who have been offered a five-year deal worth 30 million £ a year by Nike, argued that New Balance could not match Nike’s offer regarding Liverpool’s marketing and distribution of products.

“For the reasons given in the judgment rendered, the claim by New Balance has been dismissed.”- Justice Teare said.

A statement in this regard has also been released by Liverpool, which is pleased with the decision.

“The LFC is pleased with the Court’s decision to rule in favor of the club following a legal dispute with New Balance.”

“We will continue with New Balance for the current season, in conjunction with Liverpool preparing for next season with our new supplier.”- Liverpool said in a statement.

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