Marchisio: I would have liked to play with Ronaldo

After 25 years of career with the Juventus jersey, Claudio Marchisio left the summer of 2018 from the black and white club. After an adventure in the Russian Championship, is now working for a sports image consulting and management company.

In an interview with the Italian media, Marchisio, the former Juventus midfielder has shared his experience with the club. Also commented on the importance of coaches like Deschamps, Ferrara and Conte for his career.

“Deschamps was the first to believe in me in the difficult year in Serie B. With Ferrara I created my own identity, playing side midfielder in a 3-liner. Then Conte came to teach us the juventin soul and brought us back to winning titles, ”Marchisio says.

Then the midfielder revealed that it was Fabio Capello who first called him with the first team. He thinks of Del Piero as the best player he has played in his Juve career.

“For the first time, Capello called me and I trained until late in the evening, so there were times when I didn’t go home but slept in the car. One time I woke up to the Del Piero car horn, as I was sleeping in the car, inside the parking lot. He was the greatest player I ever had as a team-mate, although I would have liked to have played with Ronaldo too, ”the former midfielder said.

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