Meet the American actress who ran through Champions

A bikini-worn woman “captured” the green field of “Wanda Metropolitana” stadium in Madrid while playing the first part of the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham.

She was running in the field sparked the players and the 68,000 attendees on the stairs of the stadium, while security forces were embarrassed as they were trying to pull it out of the green quadrilateral.

Just a few minutes later, the media learned that the girl who “raced” the stadium ground in Madrid was the 22-year-old American actress, Kinsey Wolanksi, who found an ideal way to significantly increase her popularity.

That’s because after the downhill in the field, Kinsey was followed by only 110,000 fans at Instagram, while 30 minutes after running through the Champions stars, the number of fans exceeded 530,000 and continues to grow at very fast rates.

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