Messi in La Liga history

Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi are the only active footballers in La Liga who have scored goals in 17 seasons in Spain.

Every time he goes down on the field. Every time he sends the ball into the net, Lionel Messi will equalize or break a record.

After Sergio Ramos, Messi has also managed to enter among the best in the history of La Liga.

With the goal against Villarreal, the first for this edition (2020/21), Leo has become only the fourth player in La Liga history to score in 17 consecutive seasons. After Agustín ‘Piru’ Gaínza (19), Carlos Alonso, ‘ Santillana ‘(17) and Sergio Ramos (17).

Leo could not have achieved this if Barcelona had fulfilled his request during the summer. Which was to leave the childhood club. But Josep Bartomeu insisted. And Leo continues to wear the Barca shirt today, at least until 2021, when his contract expires.

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