Mourinho aims to become the coach of a national team

The Spurs coach, Mourinho wants to experience the enthusiasm of a World Cup from an unenviable position. But is unsure if he would lead his country.

Jose Mourinho has highlighted his ambitions to lead the National team at a certain period of his career. Although the Tottenham coach is not sure it would be a wise solution to lead Portugal.

“Yes, I want to lead a national team, I want to enjoy the experience of a World Cup and the European Championship, the emotions of a short race”, said Mourinho in the press conference.

However, he is not convinced that running his Homeland is the best solution.

“Is it Portugal I would like to lead? On the one hand, but because it is in my heart.” he added. “But it is very difficult to do that because it is the place where you were born.”

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