Mourinho wants the Italian striker

Harry Kane was seen alone in the advanced ward and without the necessary help to become dangerous. While the English media confirm that after the match Jose Mourinho called the managers to persistently look for another striker.

The name preferred by Mourinho is the Italian striker of Torino, Andrea Belotti. However, the negotiations with the president of the “grenade” club Urbano Cairo, are not at all easy.

The London club is expected to come up with an official offer to transfer the 26-year-old striker on loan for 5 million euros. With the right to buy for 40 million euros next summer.

Andrea Belotti has been playing for Torino for 5 seasons and counts 92 goals in 192 games. While currently holding the captain’s armband. But he intends to leave the “grenade” club as he wants to play in important European activities.

Mourinho, on the other hand, is considering changes to Tottenham’s line-up. To play with the 4-3-1-2 scheme, with English fantasy player Delle Ali behind attacking duo Harry Kane – Andrea Belotti. To make the most dangerous team in attack.

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