Pep Guardiola: Never Man. United or Real Madrid's coach

Pep Guardiola is confident that in his life he will never coach Manchester United or Real Madrid even if he does not have other job offers. He made this statement before the first match of the Carabao Cup semifinal between Manchester United and Manchester City, which will take place this Tuesday.

“After my experience with Manchester City, I will never coach Manchester United. I’ll never run Real Madrid either. I’ll be in the Maldives on vacation if I have no offers. Well, maybe not in the Maldives because there are no golf courses.”

The Catalan coach has analyzed what the Manchester derby means by referring to the phrase of Sir Alex Ferguson, who labeled the City’s rivals as “noisy neighbors”.

“When I wasn’t here, maybe we were noisy neighbors, now I don’t know what we are. Derby in Spain were against Espanyol and Real Madrid, and here against United. There are a lot of good teams in England, not one or two as elsewhere. It’s a very important match for our fans.”

Guardiola praised his opponent, remembering that anything could happen in the derby.

“United are a great team in England and you can win or lose against them. When you play against the same opponent multiple times, you get all sorts of results. I don’t think we’ll beat them at all.”
In the first derby of the season in the Premier League, Manchester United won 1-2 at “Etihad”.

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