Pogba at Juventus? Here's how the agreement can be reached

Juventus set to return Paul Pogba.
The French midfielder, who is the main target of Real Madrid’s coach Zinedine Zidane, can still be taken again. To reach the goal, the Italian champions are ready to include two more players, Paulo Dybala and Alex Sandro. The value of two players exceeds 100 million euros, as much as the club has offered the madrilen, as such a move is seen with a good eye by United.

Pogba seems undecided for the future, what is understood by the player’s statements, which both Real and Juventus look good. The Bianconeri are demanding to make a qualifier in the market, while the “Red Devils” will reinforce the team in two problematic two-weighted sectors.
Dybala having lost the title role to Juventus, so the club’s leaders have shown their readiness to decide on the treaty the name of the Argentine.

The involvement in the talks of Alex Sandro seems somewhat bizarre, as the only alternative that has the Bianconeri in the arm where the Brazilian is activated is Spinazzola.However, the proposal of the Italian champions is there, it remains to be seen whether the parties will reach the agreement, certainly with the players’ agreement.

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