Real Madrid remains the most valuable club in the world, Barcelona surpasses Bayern

Real Madrid remains the most valuable club in the world of football. According to the latest study on the evaluation of football clubs by KPMG. Barcelona, ​​meanwhile, have moved up to third place ahead of German giants Bayern Munich.

The second most valuable club in the world after Real Madrid remains Manchester United.

The annual study by the IMCG, which is one of the four largest organizations for financial calculations, shows that Paris Saint-Germain has risen to ninth position. Knocking down Juventus to 11th position.

Liverpool have moved up two places, and are now fifth, while Arsenal have dropped to 10th place.

From the Italian clubs, Inter is in the 14th position, while Milan is in the 22nd position.

Here is a list of the most valuable clubs in the world:

1. Real Madrid € 3,478bn

2. Manchester United € 3,342bn

3. FC Barcelona € 3,193bn

4. Bayern Munich € 2,878bn

5. Liverpool € 2,658bn

6. Manchester City € 2,606bn

7. Chelsea € 2,218bn

8. Tottenham Hotspur € 2,067bn

9. Paris Saint-Germain € 1,911bn

10. Arsenal € 1,852bn

11. Juventus € 1,735bn

14. Inter € 983m

22. Milan € 526m

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