Ronaldo: I will not become a coach

“My world is football, but for me there are even more important things outside of the sport. I’m an entrepreneur and it’s normal to do something different.” This is what Cristiano Ronaldo said in a recent interview with the Italian media. The Portuguese has entered his second year at Juventus. 31 total goals, 21 last season and 10 in this being played. The five-time Golden Ball winner in the interview speaks precisely of these two years in Italy, but also of the Serie A and Champions League.

“How difficult is it to score in Italy 1-10? I can tell you that the strongest defenders are the ones I train with every day. Bonucci, Chiellini and De Ligt. In terms of the differences between the championship and the Champions League, the latter is the best competition for the clubs. Personally I like it more than any other competition. Championship certainly matters, but for me Champions is something else. I am the best player in Italy because this award was awarded to me. Waiting and seeing who will be next season, but it’s still important to win next year.”

It is for this award that Ronaldo thanks everyone, as every person has their contribution. As for the future, the Portuguese at least for the moment is convinced that the world of training is not for him. The most beautiful goal in the career for the striker is against Buffon when he was part of Real.

“I don’t believe I’ll be a coach. Of course one changes his mind, but I believe I would rather serve the team in the motivational aspect than in the tactical one. As for the most beautiful goal, the one I scored for Buffon. I love endlessly playing football and being in shape. Do what I want and hope many people in life do what they want.”

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