Sarri: Ronaldo is extraordinary, but still needs improvement

Juventus won against Parma, thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo’s two goals, breaking the lead over Inter by four points.
Juventus’s coach Maurizio Sarri has only had good words for team star Cristiano Ronaldo.

“It was a complicated match, we couldn’t close it when we needed it and we suffered a lot in the end. However we have Ronaldo in the squad, a player who knows how to be decisive at the right time and we managed to get three points with enough value.”

“There is still room for improvement, but I have to admit that the team is working well overall.”

“I have no fear in football, because it’s just a sport, so I’m just scared of bigger things in life. Lazio is going through an extraordinary form, but I hope it will take a while. Against them we lost twice in December, making two poor matches, but overall we are good and working as I want.”-said Sarri.

Juventus’s goal remains the Champions League, while Sarri himself acknowledges that this is an achievable goal, but the team needs to improve.

“We still have to improve a lot on the mental intensity and management of certain situations. For example, I personally do not like that ball movement in our midfield. Better to get a goal on the counter, but trying to solve the game.”-said Sarri.

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