Sergio Ramos married, strict rules for guests at the ceremony

Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio will go to the altar on June 15, at a ceremony expected to be held in the Cathedral of Seville, where it is expected to have about 400 guests.

The Ramos-Rubio couple have been together since 2013 and have brought to life three children, and have already decided to tie the crown together in the church.

The wedding of Sergio Ramos is expected to become famous for its strict rules, for all the guests that are expected to attend.

It is therefore decided that in the ceremony the guests should be allowed to take with them children under the age of 18, while the only ones under this age will be the children of the couple.

Even the dressing up of guests will be a well-sanctioned rule by the couple, who has also decided to stop the presence of mobile phones as he wants to maintain privacy.

There is no shortage of the couple Ramos-Rubio, nor with regard to the gifts of the guests, who are asked to suffice only with a donation to UNICEF, an organization where the manager is also the captain.

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