Solskjaer praises Pogba and Bruno: They create cases out of nothing

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has emphasized the importance of the two midfielders, Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogbas, in the Red Devils team. Saying it is a pleasure for any striker to play with both of them because they manage to create chances out of nothing.

Since the start of the 2019/20 season after the break, the Red Devils have scored six goals in three games and now have gone through 11 games since the last time the boys of Solskjaer failed to score.

Before the break, Fernandes’s transfer from Portugal had given a big boost to Manchester United’s attack, and now the return of Pogba, who has suffered an ankle injury this season, has been a big help.

The duo were the first to score in the 3-0 win over Sheffield United, while Anthony Martial took advantage most from the collaboration between Pogba and Bruno in midfield after scoring a hat-trick.

Solskjaer praised the two players for their creativity in midfield, saying the ability of those two helps a lot the players in the attacking department.

“Attackers know they have players behind them who can create something out of nothing. Bruno can create occasions when there is no space. “He was very good even when he had his back turned from the attack, with his passes.” said Solskjaer.

“Paulo creates such cases, too. They are two creative players who can make good passes and are individual quality players. Being a center-forward in front of those two is a pleasure.”

“I’ve tried something like this myself, playing with Paul Scholes, Juan Sebastian Veron, David Beckham, Ryan Giggs and it’s a nice position to have.”

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