Suso reaches an agreement with Sevilla

AC Milan striker Suso has reached a deal with Sevilla, though the deal needs to be discussed further between clubs.

The Spaniard has lost his place in the Reds and is linked to his return to the Homeland.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reporter Nicolo Schira has said Suso has reached a personal agreement with Sevilla for four and a half years.

However, an agreement has not yet been reached between the two clubs, with negotiations being held between Sevilla Monchi’s sporting director and Milan, where latest details are being discussed.

Schira points out that Milan want a deal after 10 official matches in La Liga, while Sevilla want the deal to come after 15 games.

It is believed that Sevilla will take the player on a loan for 18 months with a purchase obligation of 20-25 million euros.

Suso signed at Milan in the summer of 2015 moving from Liverpool.

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