It's the Wold Cup Trophy or the end for Messi in the Argentinian National Team

Leo Mesi keeps on being in the race to win each trophy with Barcelona and even the World Cup with Argentina. This is an essential year for him, since he would get the trophy despite everything he has not won, so with his national group, and will recapture his lead over Cristiano Ronaldo for the “Ballon d’Or.” Finally, got some information about his future, he expressed that he didn’t realize what he would do. “What will I do after football? I don’t have a clue. Everyone says it’s hard and I have no questions about it. It is extremely troublesome not to have the activity schedule, the amusement. I don’t recognize what to do, sincerely. I need to do everything I can not do but rather I don’t recognize what to state, “said Barcelona star.

World Cup – If at midweek level the Magic will be enchantment, Argentina’s national group had just endured as much as it pulled far from universal football in 2016 preceding it changed its brain. Presently Messi repeats that he will end with the national side if Argentina flops in Russia this mid year: “We feel that unless we win the World Cup in Russia, the main path is to at last abandon the national side. I long for winning the trophy this mid year, I need to encounter something like Brazil 2014, where we did everything, despite the fact that we fizzled. ”

Eating regimen – The media in the past has been shot a few times by regurgitating amid matches, which is clarified by pressure. In any case, Messi now clarifies that everything is identified with his eating routine that was lacking in his childhood: “I don’t recognize what to eat, however I’ve been gravely sustained for a long time. At age 22 or 23, smoked chocolate, shining wine. Presently eat it: angle, meat, vegetables, plates of mixed greens, at times a little wine. Since I changed nourishment propensities, I didn’t upchuck any longer. “

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