Ancelotti praises Camavinga: He is complete, he can play anywhere

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti is pleased with the form shown by midfielder Eduardo Camavinga at the beginning of the season. As he has not stopped praising him.

Ancelotti has discussed his impressions of former Rennes midfielder Camavinga. Who has left good impressions at the start of the season.

“He has everything you need to play for Real Madrid. He is very young and is not under pressure at the moment because that is his personality.” said Ancelotti initially.

“The player is very happy, he is talking to his teammates and he is trying to learn Spanish as soon as possible. Has the freshness that comes with youth. His position on the pitch is something I have discussed with him.”

“Camavinga has always played as a midfielder. But he has quality. Is very fast with the ball. It is a complete midfielder and can play anywhere in the midfield.”

“The former Rennes player brings his quality. Which is that of a midfielder today. He has quality and is physically very strong, hee is not a specialist in his position. And is capable of playing different roles.”

“The fact that we have him is a great job because we have an experienced midfielder. With a lot of quality and youth and thanks to him, we are now satisfied in that position.”, concluded the Real coach.

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