Bayern regrets letting Alaba leave

At Bayern Munich, they seem to have regretted allowing David Alaba to leave for Real Madrid. Former Bavarian chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge expresses regret that the Austrian defender decided to say goodbye to the club of his life. Leaving a gap in Julian Nagelsmann’s squad.

“The defense organizer is missing. Unfortunately, he has been transferred to Real Madrid. David Alaba has always been a very important man for Bayern. As he was the organizer of the defense. He was also an important man for the dressing room. I think David’s absence is felt in this defense. Basically, I think everyone agrees that this departure should not have happened. Let’s not forget that the boy grew up in Bayern. Played for 13 years and has always been an important player. Part of the DNA of our team.”

Furthermore, Rummenigge, referring to the talks for the renewal of the contract with the 28-year-old, stated:

Unfortunately, everything was blocked at one point. Either for economic reasons, or because of the atmosphere. It’s hard to appreciate right now. But we know he’s not there right now, unfortunately. I think this departure has not been fully compensated. We did everything he could to stay. Unfortunately, the talks stalled somewhere. “And he came to the conclusion that he wanted to leave the club. Because he undoubtedly had a very interesting offer from Real Madrid.

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