Brahim Diaz in Milan, almost done

Transferring Brahim Diaz to Milan is almost a done deal. The player is expected to arrive this weekend in the Italian city. Where he is initially expected to sign a two-year loan deal. From this agreement, Real Madrid is expected to benefit more than four million euros.

Brahim Diaz’s case in Milan is over and he is expected to sign a two-year contract as a player on loan from Real Madrid. All that remains is for the player to arrive in Milan this weekend. To undergo medical tests and then join Stefano Pioli’s team in pre-season matches.

Sources close to the Marca newspaper have said that this is a good deal for both parties. While the biggest beneficiary is expected to be the player himself. According to this media, he is expected to bet number 10. Which is free after Hakan Çalhanoglu left the team. Milan believes that Brahimi will take his place and that is why he has asked for him.

Diaz was a great player at Real Madrid as he has many talents for his position. Including: Vinicius, Asensio, Rodrygo, Bale, Isco. The deal includes Milan paying four million euros for Diaz’s two-year loan, while he can buy him by depositing another 17 million euros.

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