Conte: Eriksen could be a playmaker

Antonio Conte said today that he is “working with Christian Eriksen for the position of playmaker and expects a lot from him.”. While the team will play against Fiorentina in the Coppa Italia.

“It’s for a trophy, so of course it’s a race that interests us all.” Conte told RAI Sport.

“Now we will face Fiorentina, who have the same ideas as us in this competition. As long as they also have a good team which is not playing at their real level so far in Serie A.”

“This is a difficult obstacle we have to overcome to continue the journey to Coppa.”

Eriksen is on the transfer list in January. But it seems that the situation has changed due to lack of offers.

Instead, Conte is trying to revitalize the Danish midfielder in a new role in his 3-5-2 formation.

“In a player’s career, there will be good moments and not so good. But you have to have character to break these difficulties.”

“We have time to work with Eriksen on a tactical level for the position of playmaker that Marcelo Brozovic currently holds.”

“I expect great things from him in that position.”

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