Courtois: We are not puppets for performances

Real Madrid last night equalized without goals against Osasuna on the trip. In a not at all suitable terrain. Before and during the match, the snow did not stop for a moment, making the work of the teams extremely difficult.

It was Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois who did not contain his statement.

“I want to thank the Osasuna field workers who did a wonderful job. It is unfortunate what La Liga did to us. We know what the conditions were and of course we were able to play. But now we can not go home. We are not dolls we should always play. But we have already become like a show. If we had not come to Pamplona, they would have won at the table.”

Recall that the Madrid plane stayed in the air for three hours. As the airport runway was completely frozen and they could not land.

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