Higuain reveals: "Inter Miami wantsMessi"

For Gonzalo Higuain it may be time to say enough. At the age of 33, the priorities of the former Real Madrid, Napoli, Juventus and Milan striker seem to have changed. In a recent interview for the Argentine, he hinted that with the termination of his contract with Inter Miami, he will retire.

“I have another year in my contract with Inter Miami. Then I will take a break, away from football and everything.”

Higuain gave an indication that his successor in the team from Florida could be exactly Lionel Messi. Who has not started his new adventure at PSG in the best possible way:

“I do not want to get into trouble, I do not know if Leo will come to Miami. He signed for two years with PSG. But the club wants him. Let’s see what happens.”

It is certain that Higuain will no longer wear the jersey of the representative of Argentina:

“I do not see any possibility for my return to the national team. I have spent many tiring years there. I do not mind the representative at all. I am in another phase of my life. Today my priority is family. I would not change anything in the world to see my daughter smiling.”

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