Khedira: Mourinho is the best thing that ever happened to me

Former Juventus midfielder Sami Khedira revealed that new Roma coach Jose Mourinho was the best thing that had happened to him. The former Germany international has retired from football. And in an interview with MARCA told about different periods of his career.

The 34-year-old transferred to Hertha Berlin in February 2021. But decided to retire after the end of this season. Khedira won the World Cup with Germany in 2014. Following Real Madrid’s success in the Champions League that same year.

He transferred to Juventus in 2015 and won five Scudetto before leaving Italy earlier this year.

“It’s not a decision made overnight. I left what I love most and I have to adapt slowly. My body was no longer prepared to continue playing at the highest level and retirement turned out to be the best choice. If I can not give everything, it is better to leave. At the moment the feelings are strange. On the one hand you are sad, of course, because you will not play anymore. But on the other hand look at what you have achieved and feel a lot of happiness and pride. I had a fantastic career.” said Khedira.

He also talked about Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho. As he said that it was the best thing that had happened to him.

“Spain had just eliminated us from the World Cup in South Africa and we were all very sad. That generation deserved a final. Suddenly, a call came to me: ‘Sami, Real want you and Mourinho will call you. I thought it was a joke. I was very nervous and my main concern was my English because I could not speaking at the time. So Mourinho called me and I asked him if we could talk with messages. He laughed and said it was okay. He told me he wanted me at Real and this conversation changed my career. Mourinho is the best thing that has happened to me.” said Khedira.

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