Koeman analyzes the confrontations with Sevilla in La Liga and the Copa del Rey

Ronald Koeman has analyzed the matches against Sevilla. Barcelona will face Sevilla first on Saturday in La Liga and then on Wednesday against Copa del Rey.

Sevilla defeated Barca 2-0 in the first match and it will be very interesting. Just like tomorrow where full points are required from both teams.

Double confrontation with Sevilla: “They are two different matches. In the Cup we have a 2-0 disadvantage. And tomorrow we will continue the championship challenges. A moment to add points and put pressure on those at the top of the rankings. ”


: “It is included in the list and whoever enters it, has the opportunity to play. We will set the lineup tomorrow and see if it will play or not. He has had a very good season so far. He is a young defender. Who has learned a lot and has shown quality and physicality. It is important to have strong and fast players. He contributes a lot to the defense.”

The most important week: “I do not agree, it seems that only we play important matches. The teams at the top face each other. And the pressure is on everyone. Being a Barca player or coach always puts pressure on you.”

The election campaign and the presidential election – “I do not vote. Because I am not someone who should do this. Everyone has their own story. Each candidate thinks he is the best for the club. I have to wait to learn the results. All the candidates have their own history and think about what is best for the club. I have to wait and the members decide.”

If Barca do not win anything: “The Barcelona coach is always under a lot of pressure. If we do not win, I know how it works. I never go in to lose, I just want to win. But I do not know what can happen. There will be time to talk about the future. However, I am optimistic.”

Team veterans: “They wanted to take command from the beginning, but they need help. Leo has 18 goals, the others together have the same figure. We need everyone’s help. The responsibility lies with the whole group. Not just the veterans.”

The first part against Elche: “Yes, we analyze and talk about what happens. “During a match there are ups and downs.”

Two games in a row against the same opponent: “The problem is that Sevilla has been able to rest this week. While we have not.”

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