Mourinho promises Bale more minutes, says today is another player

Gareth Bale in the last two seasons suffered a lot at Real Madrid from injuries and inactivation.

The consequences of that time were also reflected in this season at Tottenham. Where Bale failed to acclimatize and be effective immediately.

However, Mourinho shows that he is now well and is managing to return to the best version of himself.

The Portuguese coach says that Bale already has confidence in himself and is in his best condition since he came.

“Gareth looks happier than ever. Looks safe. Psychology is always a consequence of physical problems. If a player feels 100% good physically, then he will have a lot of self-confidence. Now Gareth has no problems, fears or obstacles. It is normal for him to have worries after all those injuries and lack of play. When he trains, we can say that his faith is back. When he shoots like he did in the last match, it shows that his confidence has been restored. A player with distrust and muscle problems does not hit the ball like him. He is now in his best condition since he arrived here. We trust him and his experience. It is helping us little by little. “The more we have on the pitch, the better it will be, but we have to be careful,” said Mourinho.

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