According to Mourinho, Tottenham defeated themselves!

Tottenham of Jose Mourinho lost 1-3 at home to Liverpool. And remained 8 points away from the top. Coming almost definitively out of the title race. As they will now have to sweat a lot to secure a place in the Champions Zone.

Coach Jose Mourinho appeared quite pleased with his performance against “the reds”. But did not hide his disappointment for the mistakes in the case of goals conceded. Although he tried to defend the young Joe Rodon.

In a way, he said that this loss came because of mistakes. And not because the rival made better appearance and deserved the victory.

“We played a very good match and we scored from the beginning. Even though it was an off-millimeter position. Yet I feel sorry when I see that we were punished for our three mistakes. Everyone without exception made a great match. But those mistakes… It seems like we are fighting against our mistakes. I am more sorry for Rodon’s mistake, as I say with conviction that he made an extraordinary match, beyond all my expectations and in the next match he will be the starter”, said the Portuguese coach.

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