Pedri wins the "Golden Boy" award

Pedri has won the “Golden Boy” award 2021. Or the best European footballer under the age of 21.

The award is shared by the well-known Italian newspaper “Tuttosport”. And will be presented to the talented midfielder of Barcelona and Spain in a ceremony in Turin on December 13. Pedri wrote history with this award. As he became the first player to win by a large margin in votes, over 200 of them.

He left behind the talent of Borussia Dortmund and England, Jude Bellingham.

The talent of Barcelona won 318 votes. While Bellingham 119.

The Spaniard becomes the first Barcelona player to win this award since Lionel Messi.

The player said he was happy to win the award. Thanking Barcelona and the Spanish national team.

“I am grateful to Tuttosport for this award for which I am proud.” he said.

Pedri had an unforgettable year full of football matches.

At the age of 18, he played a full 73 games over the last year for Barcelona and Spain and Spain U21.

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