Ramos is negotiating a contract renewal with Real

Finally good news for Real Madrid fans. And this comes in the form of an understanding that Florentino Perez and Sergio Ramos constantly talk about renewing the defender’s contract.

After rejecting the club’s first offer, he feared that Ramos might have jeopardized his relationship with Florentino. However the meeting between the pair on Tuesday showed once again that the professional relationship between the couple is cordial, accurate and sincere.

The brief conversation they had was quiet. And if possible a renewal will become apparent soon.

Real Madrid is in a period of cost cuts. Especially after the aftermath of the pandemic which has hit football hard. Like almost every other sector in daily life.

His initial demands for a high salary in a three-year contract are something Perez cannot meet.

Los Blancos have kept their original offer on the table. While Ramos has not yet accepted any such offer from another club. Despite being legally able to speak to foreign clubs since December as part of Bosman’s decision.

As each day passes without news. It seems we are closer to seeing Sergio sign with Los Merengues.

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