Rudiger is asking for 55 million

€55m salary for four years and bonuses, is the amount the center-back, Rudiger is looking to renew with Chelsea or wherever he is transferred.

Antonio Rüdiger has made up his mind.

The German center-back is determined from the situation that has been created, to issue a fat contract. Which would probably be the last for the years he has.

The 28-year-old reportedly wants to revisit Chelsea. But only if his 55m-euro bid for four years is met, a sum that includes salary and bonuses.

If Chelsea refuse something like this. Which they are doing for now after the talks have stalled. Rudiger will also try to get such a thing out of clubs that can get it for free during the summer.

Man United, Juventus, PSG, Real, Bayern. All these clubs are connected with the German defender. Who has made it clear to them that he does not want to speak below the figure of 55 million euros.

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