Sanches says he was close to moving to Barcelona

Renato Sanches, in a recent interview for “L’Equipe”, has confirmed that he was very close to moving to Barcelona last summer. But the transfer failed due to his injury. Forcing him to stay at Lille.

“If I had not been hurt, I would have signed for Barca this summer. Barca and Lille agreed, there was an agreement between the parties. At first I was shocked that, for an injury, I could not transfer to the “Camp Nou”. However then I thought about the prospect. Football is about ups and downs and I am used to it. I did not think about the interested clubs anymore, but I focused on my rehabilitation. ”

The Portuguese midfielder admits that the transfer to Bayern Munich in 2016 was premature.

“When I went to Bayern, I was not ready to play for such a big club today I feel ready.”

After failing to star in the German giants, Renato Sanches was loaned to Swansea, then bought by Lille. The president of the French team has expressed his readiness to sell the player. Of course if the right offer comes.

The midfielder owned by Lille, referring to the rumors of the market, said that he liked Milan very much.

Milan? Yes, it is a big and historic club and very stylish… I like it. Arsenal may also be interested, but I do not know. I talked to my representative, I know which clubs are calling and which are not, but now I can not say more. I know I’m ready. If an offer comes, I will see what is best for me.”

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