No one can play football like Toni Kroos, says Vinicius Junior

Vinicius Junior has been amazed by the great performance of his teammate, Toni Kroos, in Real Madrid 3: 1 victory against Liverpool. In the first quarterfinal match in the Champions League on Tuesday.

Toni Kroos prepared the first goal of the match. Which was scored by the Brazilian. Giving him a long ball over the defense of the reds

That masterful pass had left Vinicius speechless. So much so that the Brazilian went so far as to claim that no one could play football like the German midfielder.

Ahead of Tuesday night’s game in Madrid, there was speculation that Real would be struggling against the Liverpool midfielder due to age.

But it was Kroos, 31-years-old, and Luka Modric, 35-years-old. Who dominated Alfredo di Stefano.

“Kroos is extraordinary. He is a legend. No one can play like him. He has a lot of class.” said Vinicius.

“People talk a lot. I always keep working. I have never scored two goals in a match in this jersey before, I think tonight I experienced the best moment.”, he added.

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