Wijnaldum is introduced to PSG, he is looking forward to the new adventure

Georgino Wijnaldum is introduced today as a player of PSG.

The Dutch midfielder, Wijnaldum came with zero parameters from Liverpool and has signed a 3-year contract with the French club. Which is seen as one of the main candidates for winning the Champions League season 2021/22.

The 30-year-old spoke in front of young fans. Appearing happy to play with Mauricio Pochettino’s squad.

In addition to Georgino, PSG has also transferred Sergio Ramos, Achraf Hakim and Gigi Donnaruma this summer.

He will wear the jersey with the number 18 at PSG.

“A strong feeling, as I am part of a great club. Which is full of great players.” he said.

“Paris is a beautiful city, with an extraordinary fan base. I know, after I played against PSG at the Parc des Princes. This is a great day for me and my family. As we are embarking on a new adventure.”

“I have shown in the clubs where I played that I am a footballer who wants to win. I want to improve and learn from my coaches. It is part of my mentality. I aim to bring this mentality to the team and I hope to adapt as soon as possible.”

Wijnaldum was very close to transferring to Barcelona, ??with whom the club talked for at least a month.

But PSG intervention and the high salary. At least 10 million euros per season, persuaded Wijnaldum to sign for Paris.

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